Why choose wire shelves to storage?


Common wire shelf is consisted of meshes and columns. More and more wire shelves can be seen around us and why we choose them to storage?


The raw material of wire shelves is carbon steel which is a kind of very hard and tough metal material. And the surface treatments are various: chrome plated, galvanization, and powder coating. They decide the finished products are beautiful and durable.


Wire shelves have a wide range of applications:

1. Home application: Wire shelves are most commonly used in kitchen and bathroom. The design of mesh ensures that stored items do not accumulate water and maintain drying and ventilation, so that we can storage fruit,vegetable,dishes and other things that need keep drying. Wire shelf is also used in living room as a bookshelf, used in bedroom as a wardrobe and used in balcony as a floral rack. Thus it can be seen, wire shelf is necessary for household storage, it can be used in anywhere at home.

2. Supermarket application: Nowadays, more wire shelves are used in supermarket. Compared with traditional Gondola supermarket shelves, wire shelf is more portable and cheaper.The bearing capacity of each layer of mesh can be up to 250 kg, which can fully meet the requirements of supermarket applications

3. Hotel application: Wire shelves with handles and wheels can be used as dinning carts and trolley in hotel. In addition, hotel warehouse also use wire shelves for storage.

The applications of wire shelves are far more than these mentioned above, like office,farm,warehouse and so on. So why wire shelf is so versatile?


The main reason is that it is flexible and adjustable. Each inch of the column has a groove ring, you can adjust the height of the mesh every inch you need. Wire shelves can be combined at random according to your actual needs to fit into any size space. With a variety of accessories, wire shelf can be combined into other products with other functions, such as adding the V-hook and light tube, it can be a clothes wardrobe, adding the handle and wheels,it can be a cart, adding shelf dividers, it can be a bookshelf and so on. Besides, wire shelf is easy to assemble, durable and portable. At last, compared with other cabinets, wire shelves are cheaper.


So, why don’t you choose wire shelves?

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